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Why us


Our customers always know about what are they paying for. The experience allows us to optimize execution of the project and name the right price of prepayment of the most complex projects in an early stage. 


Unfortunately time is never enough. We know that our customer’s first priority

is to achieve his own goals. That is why we strictly follow the agreed deadlines


In addition of deadlines we always aim for quality. It is necessary for our customers and for the development of our company.Our achievements can be proved by our portfolio and customers feedback.


We have long-time experience of working together with customers worldwide on several projects. Our professional team and close collaboration with the best specialists from other industries gives us the possibility to find unique solutions.


We are an architectual 3D visualization and animation studio based in Yurmala City, Latvia. 

We have over 17 years of experience in architectural 3D visualizations and working together with our customers worldwide on several projects,  gaving us a full understanding of the relationship and requirements between architecture, art, design and 3D production, in the creation of architectural visualizations and warranty of amazing results and precise representations of our customer’s vision. 

Our work can be seen in many industries and markets. We apply in all our work the most advanced techniques, valuing all the creation process and making it a unique piece of art. Our work and dedication is focused in producing high realistic 3D images and animations with great feeling and unique visuals, with total professionalism that is recognized by our customers and all the CG community.

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Our overview


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Our overview

Blackbell Studio provides 3D solutions that address the highest needs of designers and architects.

Our broad portfolio includes interior and exterior 3D visualizations, animations, object 3D modelling and landscapes. Our mission is to discover new ways to improve your skills for get even better quality working with projects of our customers. Our vision is to be a long term trusted partner.

Our strategy is to use win-win cooperation relations for better outcomes.


We offer a complete package of architectural

3D visualizations and 3D animations:

- private houses 
- apartment buildings
- office buildings
- 360 degree panorams

- landscapes

- object modelling

- interior and exterior design

As a result, we provide high quality presentation material. Our team is able to implement  any scale and complexity projects in real terms. We are proud of our results. Our images will help you to approve the project with the customers and construction boards, to win a tender or to sell successfully.

contact us

Contact us


Ltd "Blackbell Studio"

Reg. No.: 40203180209

Office: 3/4-17, Babites street, 

Yurmala city, LV2010. 


Office phone: +371-29836854

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Co-Owner / CEO / Project Manager

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Co-Owner / Founder / CG Generalist



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